Thursday, May 27, 2004

Kerry's Four Snore Plan for Security

The only conclusion I can come to is Kerry is running for the 2000 election, instead of the 2004 election.

Kerry said if elected, his top security goal would be to prevent terrorists from obtaining weapons of mass destruction. His four principles for national security are:

1) An updated military to meet terrorist threats.

The American military is the most advanced fighting force on the planet. What exactly do you propose to update?

Where is this updated military going to meet the terrorist threats - In Chicago or UN Headquarters in NY?

I thought Kerry said in his book that fighting Terrorism was a law enforcement issue?

2) Use diplomacy, intelligence, economic power and "the appeal of our values and ideas" to keep the country safe.

Diplomacy? Here is a list of diplomacy attempts with Hussein:

UNSCR 678 - November 29, 1990
UNSCR 686 - March 2, 1991
UNSCR 688 - April 5, 1991
UNSCR 707 - August 15, 1991
UNSCR 715 - October 11, 1991
UNSCR 949 - October 15, 1994
UNSCR 1051 - March 27, 1996
UNSCR 1060 - June 12, 1996
UNSCR 1115 - June 21, 1997
UNSCR 1134 - October 23, 1997
UNSCR 1137 - November 12, 1997
UNSCR 1154 - March 2, 1998
UNSCR 1194 - September 9, 1998
UNSCR 1205 - November 5, 1998
UNSCR 1284 - December 17, 1999
UNSCR 1441 - November 8, 2001

What Kerry misunderstands is our enemies do not find our values and ideas appealing. They find them arbitrary, morally devoid and theologically dangerous. Kerry is still presuming (is that why they call him the Presumptive Candidate?) to be able to reason with terrorists.

3) New alliances with foreign countries

You mean, like Bush has done with Poland? What countries do you propose forming new alliances with?

4) Freedom from dependence on Mid-east oil.

How? The leftist wind idea is a costly, land invading flop. You don't want to drill more domestically. You don't want nuclear power. We've already started working more with Russia on oil programs. What are you proposing?

The fact is we will be dependent upon Mid-east oil until we secure more domestic sources of oil. Our dependence on oil is not going to decrease (it will actually increase) anytime in the near future. Changing just vehicles to new fuel sources is too costly to automakers, too costly to consumers, and perceived to be inconvenient to our lifestyles in general.

I find it ironic, how easily President Bush is castigated for his 5 point plan on Iraq even before he gives the speech, yet Kerry can put out oversimplified drivel like this and he is touted as a political genius.


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