Friday, June 11, 2004

Farewell, Mr. President

I remember President Reagan urging Mikhail Gorbachov to "tear down this wall". In a physical sense, he was referring to the wall built to keep East German citizens safe from democracy. There was more to this plea, however. Ronald Reagan was urging the Soviet leadership to help stop the headlong rush by both nations towards mutual destruction.

I was stationed in Germany when the wall was being torn down - first by people who were somehow allowed to climb upon it and share a drink at the top with people from the other side. It wasn't long before a few sledge hammers appeared. A day or two later, chains and large trucks pulled small sections down and finally some heavy equipment showed up.

I have a piece of that wall. It was about the size of my hand at one time, but I have shared it with others. I will pass the remaining piece on to my son.

Some day, people will attempt - for their own selfish reasons - to rewrite the history of Ronald Reagan's legacy to us. I hope that I, my son, or one of the people I have shared my piece of the Berlin Wall with, will be there with a physical reminder of what Ronald Reagan gave to the world.

Mr. President, I bid thee Farewell.

God Bless the Reagan Family and God Bless America.


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