Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Raitt Dedicates Song to President Bush

In Sweden, Bonnie Raitt dedicated the song Your Good Thing (Is About to End) to President Bush.

"We're gonna sing this for George Bush because he's out of here, people!" Raitt crowed Tuesday night before she launched into the opening licks of "Your Good Thing (Is About to End)," a cover that was featured on her 1979 album, "The Glow."

I guess Bonnie didn't realize she was in Sweden - George Bush doesn't live there.

We need more like Toby Keith and Darryl Worley and Charlie Daniels. These are people who realize that we have it damn good and need to survive as a nation to enjoy it.


At 3:48 PM, Blogger Joel Gaines said...

Add Joe Nichols to the "good" list:

At 9:52 PM, Blogger veggiedude said...

If Bonnie had done what Linda Ronstadt did in Las Vegas, there would likely be a riot, which is close enough to what happened when she ended her encore with a song dedicated to Michael Moore. No, dissent in America means saying what you want to say in front of people, only its done in another country - that is what dissent is about today in the land of the free.

BTW, Linda Ronstadt will be back at the Aladdin, because new owners are taking it over. Michael Moore will be her back up singer. See this story:

At 11:05 PM, Blogger Joel Gaines said...

I saw Linda's account in the Tucson Citizen. Apparently, she didn't even know the casino management was upset and says no one threw drinks or any of the other things we heard from the LA Times. Different camera angles of the same event, probably.

I don't have a problem with what Linda did, except that she was doing it on someone else's dime. She has a right to say what she wants, but it's kind of rude to take advantage of a captive audience who paid for entertainment. At least she did it at home.

People who take the political gig overseas with them - I just don't understand what they are trying to accomplish. It's not like they are addressing potential voters. It's just noise and I don't respect that.


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