Friday, April 30, 2004

Loose Lips Sink Soldiers

A great freedom in our country is the ability to speak your mind without fear. There are exceptions to our freedom of speech, of course. It is commonly accepted that you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater, nor can you threaten to kill someone. Most of us recognize the act of exercising our rights must not trample on the rights of others - "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".

Therefore, I would like to say to a couple of Senators: Shame on you!

Shame on you, Ted Kennedy!

Ted Kennedy has frequently referred to Iraq as "George Bush's Vietnam". He does this in front of cameras, to ensure his remarks are carried throughout the world. Kennedy doesn't understand the major historical differences between Vietnam and Iraq, so that is not the reason for his comments. His only reason for saying such things is to cause doubt in public opinion. Why? Political gain for the Democratic party.

Senator Kennedy was one of 23 "No" votes HJ Res #114 in October of 2002 - which authorized the President to use military force in Iraq. Senator Kennedy didn't see Iraq as a threat to United States national security.

Before we laud Senator Kennedy for his "progressive, anti-war vision", let's remember he voted "Yes" just three years earlier to use "all necessary force and any other means" in cooperation with allies of the United States - with no mention of requiring UN involvement - to deal with problems in Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia posed no threat to the United States. We still have troops in the region, does that mean Kosovo is Bill Clinton's Vietnam? I have not heard anyone suggest this, least of all Ted Kennedy.

Shame on you, Senator Clinton!

Senator Clinton voted "Yes" on HJ Res #114. Senator Clinton, a member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, was convinced Iraq possessed WMD capability and the means to deploy it outside Iraq's borders. Why shouldn't she be? Her husband had been saying it for years. She saw all of the intelligence confirming the existance of a robust chemical and biological capability and the development of a nuclear capabilty. Senator Clinton has recently stated she has no regret regarding her vote on Iraq. She is embittered by the conduct of the war, not the reasons for it.

Senator Clinton has on several occasions taken the liberty of announcing the arrogant and stubborn policies of President Bush in regards to Iraq. Most recently she has made these remarks to an independent journalist, interviewing her for a London-based Arab-language newspaper - Asharq al-Awsat. She even had the gall to tell soldiers in Iraq that many question the policies of the administration, while supposedly on a goodwill tour to bolster troop morale. Her spokespeople have stated the Senator believes soldiers are tough enough to take straight talk about doubts in their mission. This may be true, but it is certainly not something you do to bolster morale! To think otherwise is ridiculous, so why would these remarks be made? Political gain for the Senator Clinton.

These public servants have forgotten partisan politics are supposed to stop at the water's edge. While that may be increasingly difficult in this time of satellites and cell phones, it certainly isn't impossible. Our elected officials should speak with their votes instead of grandstanding for public opinion.

Senator Clinton's remarks are shameful and can only benefit Senator Clinton, as they serve no purpose to her constituency. Ted Kennedy is the most shameful as his remarks could embolden our enemies by convincing them of a lack of US resolve. Is he trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy?

We are engaged in a battle between those who wish Iraq to enjoy the same freedom we do and those who wish to create a "Greater Iran". You cannot allow people in positions of power to cast a shadow upon our goal of eventual peace in a region that has never seen lasting peace. Peace doesn't just happen, it has to be pursued. Without our involvement, lasting peace is not possible - as no one else seems to have the ability or desire to create it.

It is ambitious, yes! But we are Americans! Ambition and Hope is what has created the most powerful, economically stable, healthiest nation in the world! We can only safegaurd that by creating it elsewhere.

Support our fighting men and women - they are securing the dreams of our children. If these brave people are successful, it could mean your children will avoid experiencing the horrors of war.

And remember, loose lips sink soldiers.

God Bless the President and this Great Nation!


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