Friday, May 28, 2004

Iraq and al-Qaeda linked? - Naaah!

Despite the plethora of information, which has been presented (search the Weekly Standard archives) to substantiate the connection between the Hussein regime and radical Islamic terrorism, many still refuse to concede the truth. Despite Saddam publicly offering money to Palestinian terrorists' families after they blow up Jewish people, many still refuse to concede the truth.

Well, here is another piece of (perhaps anecdotal) information one can choose to/not to ignore.

Deductive reasoning is interesting. Some have deduced President Bush was in collusion with the Saudis to drive oil prices up for profit, without a shred of support for the claim other than President Bush was once in the oil business. Yet, with multiple sources of information - including members of former administrations - over a period of time, that same ability to connect the dots completely disappears in the case of Hussein's support for terrorism or for the existence of proscribed weapons in Iraq.


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