Tuesday, May 11, 2004

No Moral Equivalent

I have expressed my outrage at the treatment of prisoners by a few morons in the 800th MP Brigade at Abu Ghraib. Prisoners faced humiliation few people can appreciate - things we certainly would not want to see in photos of American POWs. This being said, I cannot believe there are Americans actually making a moral equivalent between those stupid acts and the beheading of a non-combatant. There is no equivalent between being naked with a dog collar on and being brutally killed with a knife.

Nick Berg's murderers claimed to be avenging the dignity of the Iraqis who suffered abuse by their American captors. Anyone remotely familiar with al-Zarquawi knows he has never needed a reason to kill, other than to see the extermination of infidels.

Only a sociopath could think the murder of Nick Berg in any way dignifies anyone or could think this is some tit for tat exercise, justified by our "Invasion of Iraq". This event had nothing to do with Iraq. Just as the recent al-Qaida attacks in Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan had nothing to do with Iraq. Al-Qaida is at war with all infidels - given the chance, they will kill you too.

The murder of Nick Berg is a shining example of why it is so important for the United States, alone if need be, to take decisive action against the agents of barbarism represented by al-Qaida and other groups actively seeking our demise.

Americans must strengthen their resolve. We must stop listening to the mealy-mouthed and the seditious - we do not owe our attention to fools. Perhaps we should look more closely at the words coming from some of our representatives in Congress. Perhaps, Nick Berg's death was a self-fulfilling prophecy based upon the hand-wringing and politicizing by those in the media, Ted Kennedy and his ilk. Is it too much to think our enemies are listening and acting on the fear pouring out of some of the speeches on the floor of the Senate or watching our news broadcasts?

We also owe nothing to those who commit violence against us. We do not owe them our understanding - the only thing we need to understand is they want us dead. We don't need to know why they hate us - it is enough to know they hate us enough to murder. If we do not act in our own interests, as we have in Iraq, we put our very existence in peril.


At 8:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terrorists will always kill the innocent while hiding behind the curtain of extremism. And in almost all cases, they claim to do these things in the name of God. They strive to prove points and to make political and religous statements. Yet, the death and harm that are generated are senseless and will only provoke more death and destruction. Their actions will not improve the world and they will never succeed in making the world as they envision it.

Extremists promote their own sense of worth within their group by using religion and fear to get people to act and behave in a certain way. They want the world to be seen only in black and white...us versus the rest. They know not what peace is. They see peace as the afterlife. They will not promote peace, negotiate peace, foster goodwill, nor will they educate those around them, nor will they instill in their children the values that 99% of the world accepts as normal.

Instead they will promote themselves into a Prophet-like status among the followers. They will use fear and intimidation to keep those in line who might stray. They will kill those who do not follow without question.

BUT I URGE THE WORLD NOT TO CONFUSE THIS WAR AS BEING CHRISTIANS vs ISLAM or Arabs because it isn't, except in the minds of the extremists. They would like everyone to believe it is because then it would support their platform of hate against Christians.

The truth is that these are powerfully persuasive groups of people that play on the sympathies of the poor disinfrachised general public in Iraq. Poverty and little to no education is a recipe for disaster.

We have seen these same recipes for destruction before. In WWII, we had the Nazi movement against Jews. In the USA and elsewhere, we have seen the white supremacists against the blacks. There were many others. Now it is al-Qaida vs Christians.

The civilized world must work together and REFUSE to accept terrorists on the face of it and to NOT sympathize with them. This needs to be especially true for the countries closest to Iraq.

People can always make the argument whether or not the American and coalition forces should have gone into Iraq but history has proven that when dealing with fanatics, you can't keep them isolated and ignore them. They see only one purpose..destroy the enemy. And the enemy is not just the USA. It is any civilized goverment. It is about time that Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Qatar, Kuwait and a host of other countries worldwide realize it. Al-Qaida isn't a religion. They shouldn't be treated as such and governments shouldn't treat its members as if they are following some higher calling by God.

Al Qaida is a war machine bent on changing the world at any cost. The execution of Nick Berg is just the most recent example of the evil and hate that this organization posseses. Let's not forget about the nearly 3000 deaths on September 11. Nor let us forget the unknown thousands of dead worldwide that have died at the hands of Al Qaida and their "friends". These dead include Christians, Muslims, Jews, and many more.

A message to Al Qaida-

Your members have committed atrocities against innocent people worldwide. These people have been all ages, races, economic, and religious backgrounds...including your own. They are not acceptable sacrifices to a greater cause.

Your minds are fueled by hate. You have lost touch with humanity. You have lost touch with what God and faith are all about. Somehow in your journey of life, you have learned to kill without remorse. To kill without grief. To kill with false justification. You have lost your soul. You have become so evil that you do not recognize it.

Your organization has a purpose that will not stand the test of time. The movement will blow away in the winds of time and cease to exist, like so many in history. You may win a battle or two but you have already lost the WAR.

The world will reflect on the damage that you have caused. History will not be kind to you. Future generations will be ashamed to know that an ancestor was a member of Al Qaida. Generations will curse the name. People will be bewildered and perplexed at how God fearing people could be so brainwashed as to believe that Al Qaida was anything but evil.

God is Great.


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