Friday, June 11, 2004

Boston Bobbled

We weren't sure if the candidate was ready for Boston. Now there are questions about whether Boston will be ready for the candidate.

Work on the FleetCenter, home of the Democratic National Convention, is stalled because (get this) union construction workers are standing beside picketing, union police officers, instead of crossing the picket lines. The police officers are picketing because they have been working without a contract for 2 years.

The work never got started on Tuesday, as most subcontractors refused to cross the picket line a cardinal sin of organized labor. Those who did cross were greeted with shouts of ''scab'' and ''shame on you.''

It is ironic, and must be somewhat of an embarrassment to the DNC.

The delayed work at the FleetCenter presents problems for the Democratic Party. Unless the trade unions agree to cross the picket line, the only other alternative would be nonunion workers an unthinkable prospect for a party built on a foundation of organized labor.


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