Sunday, June 20, 2004

Father's Day

There is nothing better than being a Dad - nothing.

I am very thankful to my father. You see, Dad is a Navy man - the quintessential sailor. I always tell people that I grew up with Popeye, which means I can tie a knot (but more importantly, I can UN-tie any knot)and call the weather like nobody's business.

Thank you, Dad.

Even today, he is still showing me how to do something using tools only McGuyver would think of - and he probably taught McGuyver. Dad taught me a lot of things I could not have learned anywhere else. He was out to sea a lot - that taught me things like duty and commitment. He once paddled me and sent me back out to the playground, after a bully sent me running home - he taught me to stand up for myself, nobody else would. He taught me to use my head to solve problems and that has carried me through a number of rough days as I served in the Army. Heck, it carried me through some pretty rough minutes from time to time.

Thank you, Dad.

Dad coached our little league teams, when he was on shore duty. He turned our "banana seat" bikes into awesome bmx racers with a few dollars in accessories, a bit of welding and some spray paint to ugly things up just right. Dad can make anything out of anything and did - a lot!

Thank you, Dad.

I know everything I have ever wanted to forget about working on cars because of Dad.

We'll talk about this one later, but Thanks!

Dad was best man at my wedding.

Thank you, Dad.

The one thing Dad has always made clear is that life isn't supposed to be easy. I watched my dad work hard for everything we had, which was everything we needed - sometimes more.

Thank you, Dad.

I also appreciate my Father-in-Law. He's a hard working man from a long line of those. Like my Dad, he knows some about everything that needs to be done. He is always just a phone call away when you want to check - is it white to positive?

Thank you, Dad.

My Father-in-Law, through gentle but persistent pressure (What are you? Sissy?), got me hunting. After a dozen years in the Army, I wasn't sure how I would feel about that. He helped me with my first rifle. He helped me build my second rifle (with help from my Brother-in-Law). He helped me skin my first elk (with help from my Brother-in-Law). I was able to put 170 lbs of meat in my freezer because of his gentle prodding (What are you? Sissy?).

Thank you, Dad.

When my Father-in-Law isn't busting his rump for one of his kids - or their spouse - he gets a few things done around his own house. He's the first to volunteer help to work on the roof, install the sprinklers, paint the house, build the shed, etc. What's more, he has all the tools.

Thank you, Dad.

My Father-in-Law helped me get re-introduced to God.

Thank you, Dad.

So, you see, I have a great deal to be thankful for on Father's Day. These two men have taught me everything I know about being a Dad. I have a son of my own and another child on the way. I can only hope they see me the way I see my Father and my Father-in-Law.

Thank you.

Now, go call your Dad.


At 3:18 AM, Blogger Phyllis said...

I sure wish I could go call my dad!!
He died November 7th 1996.
Great post you have!!


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