Sunday, June 06, 2004

Karma vs Dogma

"My dogma got run over by my karma". A bumper sticker with a cute play on words. One of those things that sticks in your head - as it was while I was posting on Crispus.

Lately, I am struck by the level of intolerance from leftists in both speech and writing. Maureen Dowd and Air America, among others, tout themselves as voices of the mainstream liberal message. Listening to Air America is like listening to "Seventh Grade Talk Radio" It's all drama and no reason. You know, "I hate Becky, she's ruining the glee cub and we've just got to get rid of her. Anyone else will do - she's just got to go."

Andrew Greely appears on Common Dreams. He states, "Hating America is the anti-Semitism of the European intelligentsia. It always has been (emphasis mine). Unfortunately, the Bush administration has poured fuel on the flames of that hatred." He goes on to say Europe is justified in hating America. The reasons? Americans saved Europe from itself - twice. We're rich and sometimes loud and arrogant.

Leftists use the word "hate" as if there are different levels of it - you know hate, hater, hatest. They hated us already, always have, but NOW they hate us more.

Europe hates us today because we upset their apple cart in Iraq. They had a good honey pot there, with all that illegal oil coming in at cut rate prices and all of that illegal revenue from selling Iraq military hardware and we messed that up for them. Arrogance is what they call us catching them pickpocketing the Iraqi people and telling lies to the world.

Greely makes the correlation between hating America and anti-semitism, then justifies hating America. With the correlation made, is he justifying anti-semitism? Greely fails to mention anti-semitism is also the anti-semitism of Europe. Europe seems to have their hands full in that regard.

Intolerance - the leftist agenda has no room for cooperation. No give and take. President Bush has gone to lengths over the past three years to please the left with no recognition of his attempts. Further UN resolutions, more diplomacy, begging tiny countries to support us in the UN - still called arrogance. While attempting to pass legislation the Democrats have been screaming about for years - Bush arrogance again.

The leftist agenda is not to promote anything, unless their guy is doing it. They don't want progress, they want credit for progress.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Democrats out there who pay the price for the leftist agenda. Democrats who were for the New Deal, supported Kennedy and almost like Johnson. Folks who are really looking for progress. They are going to vote Democrat, as they have always done - without realizing hate-filled Marxists are actively hijacking their party.

Here is the new bumper sticker : Democratic Party karma got run over by Leftist dogma.


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