Thursday, June 03, 2004

Kerry Absent on Bioterror

John Kerry floated his plan to protect Americans from bioterror. In an interview with the AP, John Kerry made it clear that "You need to prepare your public health facilities. You need to prepare your hospitals and all the immediate first responders."

Kerry also promised to ensure the security of all existing nuclear weapons and materials by the end of his first term if elected.


He also promised to end nuclear weapons programs in nations like North Korea and Iran.


So, prepare the public health facilities for bioterror and give Kerry 4 years to secure nuclear weapons. John Kerry will also demand that DPRK and Iran stop making nukes.


Kerry doesn't seem to realize the Bush administration is already working toward dismantling the nuclear weapons capacities of both DPRK and Iran, in coordination with other diplomatic bodies.

Libya has dismantled its WMD program all-together.

Kerry seems ignorant of an effort forged between the Bush administration and Russian President Putin to secure nuclear material from former Soviet reactors.

Kerry also seems to be ignorant of a piece of legislation that passed (99-0) through the Senate in May to provide $5.6 billion in funds for research, production and stockpiling of vaccines and antidotes for bioterror agents.

Why doesn't Kerry know about this? He wasn't there - that's why there were only 99 votes.

The Kerry campaign complains, "...[The Bush] administration proposed cutting the state and local biopreparedness program by 11 percent, or $105 million, and trimming funding for biodefense countermeasures overall by $49 million."

What he fails to recognize is Clinton spent $2.8 billion on bioterror and Bush is spending $5.6 billion. If the Bush administration found a way to adjust such enormous funding, without impacting the effectiveness of the program, why is that a bad thing?

Only in John Kerry's world can one define grand expenditures toward a program as a "cut". Kerry said the same thing about Veterans' benefits and was wrong there too.


At 10:05 PM, Blogger Pat said...

Note specifically the emphasis on first-responders. Translation: We're getting ready to get hit.


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