Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Kim Sun-Il Beheaded
By Guest Blogger - Charles Wilhelm

Aljazeera reports South Korean translator Kim Sun-Il was killed after the deadline set by his captors expired.

In a videotape received by Aljazeera, the resistance group Jamat al-Tawhid and Jihad said it was fulfilling a pledge it made yesterday that the 33-old-year South Korean translator Kim Sun-Il would be beheaded if their demands were not met by South Korean government.

The captors threatened on Sunday to kill Kim, who was captured last Thursday near Falluja, in 24 hours if South Korea did not cancel its plan to deploy troops to Iraq.

South Korea rejected the demand and said on Monday it would send forces to Iraq despite an earlier video showing Kim begging for his life.

It is reassuring to see a country other than the USA maintain such a firm resolve in spite of the brutal tactics employed by these inhumane butchers. I don't expect these executions to end anytime soon, so let's hope other countries follow the examples set by the USA and South Korea long enough for us to hunt these terrorists down and eradicate them.


At 2:47 PM, Blogger Charles Wilhelm said...

Just a note of clarification... Ordinarily, I would not use Aljazeera (or al-Jazeera, if you prefer) as a news source due to my dislike of their blatently biased reporting and tendancy to glamorize Islamic terrorists. In this case, however, they had one of the few reports on this crime that actually mentioned the fact that South Korea had in fact rejected the terrorists' demands. Nearly all of the early reports on this incident I found either ommited this information, or only vaguely alluded to it. So I went with Aljazeera.


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