Monday, June 14, 2004

President Bush Unveils Clinton Portraits at Whitehouse

President Bush entertained the Clinton family, and plugged former President Clinton's memoirs in a Whitehouse ceremony today. The ceremony was to unveil the Clinton portraits to be hung in the Whitehouse.

Bush said that Clinton's rise from humble beginnings in the rural state of Arkansas "took more than charm and intellect. It took hard work and drive and determination and optimism."

"I can tell you more of the story, but it's coming out in fine bookstores all over America," Bush quipped, a reference to Clinton's memoirs, "My Life," which comes out June 22.

"The president, by his generous words to Hillary and me today, has proved once again that in the end, we are held together by this grand system of ours that permits us to debate and struggle and fight for what we believe is right," said Clinton


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