Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Is the Kerry campaign breaking the law?

The RNC recently filed a federal complaint against non-profit organizations, Media Fund and Voices for Working Families, citing an illegal conspiracy with the John Kerry campaign to advocate Kerry as a political candidate. The organizations in question are 527 groups - tax-exempt, political organizations, which under the new McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform law cannot endorse a political figure for office. These groups, however, do not have to disclose their donors.

Does the complaint have merit? You decide. produces some of the most negative attacks against the Bush administration and has openly endorsed nearly every Democratic Presidential Candidate. employee Zack Exley was recently hired by the Kerry campaign to be its communications director.

Jim Jordan, who was John Kerry's '04 election campaign manager until November 2003, now works for Media Fund, which has Harold Ickes as its president and founder. Mr. Ickes was Deputy White House chief of staff under President Clinton. Media Fund and work closely together on Anti-Bush TV ads.

Voices for Working Families has among its Officers some familiar names: Geraldine Ferraro - former Democratic VP candidate, former US House Representative and The Honorable Bill Richardson - a Democrat Congressman from New Mexico, who has been Ambassador to the UN, Clinton's Energy Secretary and a person who many contend to be a perfect choice as John Kerry's running mate.

The Kerry campaign, and the leaders of the various 527 organizations, are quick to denounce the RNC complaint as frivolous. RNC Press Secretary, Heather Layman states even though the GOP fought against passage of the McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform law, it is the law and needs to be adhered to.


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