Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Assasination Threat Made Against Interim Iraqi PM
By Guest Blogger - Charles Wilhelm

From the Washington Post:

A recording purportedly made by the mastermind of bombings and beheadings in Iraq threatened to assassinate Iraq's interim prime minister and fight the Americans "until Islamic rule is back on Earth."

The audio, found Wednesday on an Islamic Web site, is supposedly from Abu Musab Zarqawi, the same Jordanian-born terrorist whose group claimed responsibility for the beheading of American hostage Nicholas Berg and Kim Sun-il, a South Korean whose decapitated body was found Tuesday evening between Baghdad and Fallujah.

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Zarqawi has threatened to fight us "until Islamic rule is back on Earth." Just as I said yesterday, there does not seem to be any place for a free America in a radical Islamic world. Strengthen your resolve people, this is going to get uglier before it gets better.


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