Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Bully Attacking Iraq

As June 30th approaches, one fact is ominously clear. Al-Qaeda and associates don't want Iraqis to enjoy the freedom promised by the US-led coalition.

The attacks against coalition forces are comparatively understandable from the standpoint of power struggles within Iraq by Iraqis. Saddam loyalists fight against the loss of the privilege bestowed upon them by the Hussein regime. Groups of Iraqis fight each other to establish a pecking order. Then there is plain banditry from non-urban tribes, who are better armed than before and have less to fear from coalition justice than they did from Saddam justice.

But Al-Qaeda is another matter. Al-Qaeda is not just attacking "western imperialists", they are attacking something which threatens their ability to become a world power. They are attacking man's gifts from God - those inalienable rights we hold as the centerpiece of our survival.

The cornerstone of Al-Qaeda doctrine is a fascist quest for world domination. I know the leftists (not to be confused generally with liberals or democrats), with their deep-seated racism, can't see how these "backward, little brown people" could possibly be a threat to the "big white bully" they think America as being - but again the facts are being ignored to justify their twisted ideology.

The stated purpose of jihaddist movements is the eradication of any element of non-Islamic society. This mission is in full swing, as seen by repeated attacks against western governments, liberalizing Islamic governments, Islamic nations which cooperate with western governments and non-Islamic religious institutions across the globe. This explains attacks by Islamo-fascists in France, Thailand, Bali, the Philippines, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia - just to name a few.

Only a few months ago, Iraqi civilians were killed and wounded in attacks on coalition targets by Al-Qaeda and associates. As it becomes evident America and her allies are not what has been taught in "Hate the West 101", Al-Qaeda must now directly attack the success gained by liberation in Iraq. The successes in Iraq, which represent the largest threats to Al-Qaeda are the enablers - self-rule, education, and (oil) revenue.

Self-rule, of course, makes it possible for Iraqis to choose a path, which will be contrary to the oppression which marks Islamo-fascism.

Education makes further enlightened reform possible, not just in Iraq, but throughout the Middle East.

Revenue secures possibilities for the entire population, when combined with self-determination and education.

Attacks on Iraqi officials, oil pipelines, and direct attacks against Iraqi citizens are the actions of the real bully. Al-Qaeda shows strength while steeped in fear of being irrelevant.

Strong world leaders like Tony Blair, George Bush, Aleksander Kwasniewski, John Howard, Junichiro Koizumi and many others, understand we must rise above our quest for comfort and help others in their quest for liberty. Supporting these leaders is your chance to contribute to Al-Qaeda's irrelevance.

In the end, securing the inalienable right to liberty for others is on your shoulders. I say, either help bear the burden or get out of the way of those who will.


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