Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Iraq's New Government Sworn In

The Iraqi Governing Council was officially dissolved today and the government which will handle Iraqi sovereignty after June 30 was sworn in.

The new government includes President Ghazi al-Yawar, Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, and Vice Presidents Ibrahim Jaffari and Roj Nuri Shawis.

A new nation is emerging from a feared regime in Southwest Asia. Regardless of the form of government Iraq chooses in the long term, the first step toward allowing Iraqi citizens to determine who governs them has been taken. I am certain it is not occurring quickly enough for some. Just as certainly, the cost of freedom has been and will continue to be dear.

The most important things are always the hardest to achieve. There is a great excitement in Iraq - a collective "Ok, we can take it from here!" And while there is great faith that Iraq will succeed as a democracy, it has been costly for everyone involved. We can't afford to squander such a golden opportunity.

Little by little we accomplish much.


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