Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Presidential 101

Iraq The Model always provides insight you don't get from many other sources.

Today, Mohammed says, "Today comes another powerful strike to terrorism and the neighboring countries, when the process of forming the transitional government went very smoothly and peacefully. there was a competition between two men; Pachachi who seemed to be favored by the Americans (and by me as well) and Al-Yawer who apparently had the approval and support from most of the GC members and other political powers but Pachachi withdrew in the last moment, the move that proves my point that he was the best man for the job."

Imagine, two people passionate about the future of their nation and a common goal - and one steps aside to lessen the potential for political impropriety and popular strife. In my view, Iraq has everything it needs with leaders like this.

I expect some people won't understand - we'll be hearing from them soon.


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