Saturday, July 03, 2004

Democrats Call On UN to Observe US Elections

A group of Democrat lawmakers have sent a letter to SecGen Koffi Anan, asking that UN electoral observers be sent to monitor the US presidential elections in November.

"We are deeply concerned that the right of U.S. citizens to vote in free and fair elections is again in jeopardy," the lawmakers, headed by Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas, wrote to Anan.

It appears some are still angry that democrat violations of Florida election laws and the democrat attempt to steal the election by using the Florida Supreme Court to uphold their violations of Florida election laws was fruitless.

Rather than applying due diligence over a four-year period to address the "widespread allegations of voter disenfranchisement", these so-called lawmakers wait until a few months before the elections and ask the UN for monitoring.

What you are witnessing here is an example of the culture of entitlement furthered by many Democrats - this time among lawmakers themselves: Wail loudly, do nothing and rely upon others to address your problems.



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