Thursday, July 01, 2004

Saddam Faces Judge, Still Defiant
By Guest Blogger - Charles Wilhelm

Saddam Hussein appeared in front of an Iraqi judge today, and true to form he was defiant and challenged the court's authority over him.

From Reuters:

"I am Saddam Hussein, president of Iraq," he repeated, before grilling the unnamed young judge about his authority.

Hey, guess what Saddam... Iraq has a new President & Prime Minister, and they answer to the Iraqi people. You are out of a job, and you are now going to be held accountable for decades of crimes against your own people during your rule.

Saddam refused to recognize that he was guilty of a crime in invading Kuwait in 1990, jabbing his finger toward the judge and saying: "I'm surprised you're charging me with that as an Iraqi when everyone knows that Kuwait is part of Iraq."

Hmm, that's news to the people of Kuwait. I suspect they have a much different opinion on this matter.

The judge told him these were legal procedures, but Saddam interrupted him. "Law, what law?" he asked.

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