Tuesday, June 29, 2004

New Iraqi Government Builds Confidence
By Guest Blogger - Charles Wilhelm

Here's an encouraging sign coming from Iraq. The new interim Iraqi government is showing the citizens they mean business with some well-publicized crackdowns on crime, and are making sure the word gets out that they are firmly in charge. This sort of action should build the people's trust in the government and help turn the tide against the terrorists.

From the Boston Globe:

BAGHDAD -- Sa'ad Saddam, a merchant in the Iraqi capital's notorious Thieves Market, normally has nothing polite to say about his country's rulers.

So he was surprised yesterday to find himself hopeful about interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's new Iraqi government -- not because he cared about the symbolic passing of sovereignty, but because he was thrilled to see Iraqi police officers pistol-whipping suspected carjackers near his clothing stand the day before.

"Allawi is a strong, powerful guy," Saddam, 35, raved. To him, the raid on two carjacking and kidnapping rings in the downtown Betaween neighborhood meant that Iraq's new leaders were starting to impose concrete order on the streets. Most Iraqis are withholding judgment on the new government, which officially and unexpectedly took the reigns of power yesterday -- two days before the scheduled transfer; they want to see results, first and foremost in the field of security.

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