Thursday, July 22, 2004

Kerry Shifts Intelligence, War Stances

Sen. Kerry has consistently voted to cut spending on intelligence activities. He has been on the Senate Intelligence Committee for eight years. Now he advocates increasing intelligence spending and hiring more intelligence agents. The intelligence community has been telling everyone for 30 years it didn't have enough agents. Why didn't Kerry do something about the problems as a senator who had oversight responsibility for our intelligence agencies?

Sen. Kerry stood on the floor of the Senate and said Iraq was a threat to our national security. Then he voted to authorize the president to send our troops to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Then, on the campaign trail, Sen. Kerry said he didn't vote for war, he only voted for "the process." He says we should have had more debate in the United Nations. Now he says he would take action if he had enough good intelligence.

He was on the Intelligence Committee when he made speeches saying Iraq was a threat. Why didn't he complain about the quality of intelligence then? Could the difference possibly be because he is now a candidate for president and he wants everyone to forget that as a senator he is responsible for the intelligence mess? Could it possibly be that he is desperate to find a position that resonates with the voters and will say anything to get their vote?

Benny White, Chairman
Pima County Veteran's Coalition
Bush-Cheney '04

I agree with Benny - but furthermore, John Kerry is managing to let his "No War" supporters forget that we would still be at war with Iraq, if Kerry was POTUS. The only difference is France, Russia, Germany and China would be there with us.


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