Sunday, July 25, 2004


There are many outstanding bloggers talking about Linda Ronstadt and I agree with them. The fact is, though, this isn't really anything new for Linda and I think she is slipping into what she might think as a cool, "Joan Beaz" kind of thing. She doesn't realize she's being ridiculous.

There is another Ronstadt I'd like to talk about - Fred Ronstadt - Linda's cousin.

Fred is the Republican Vice Mayor of Tucson, the city Ronstadts have called home for several generations. Fred attended and taught in Salpointe Catholic High School. He has a master's degree in public administration and has served on Tucson's city council for going on eight years.

Fred has worked hard on water, transportation, and community development, among other projects. He's fought against a hugh city bond issue, when it was discovered that there was nothing legally binding the bond monies to specific projects. Fred has protected Tucsonan's gun rights.

Fred Ronstadt is a staunch conservative - the antithesis of cousin Linda - and I like talking about him a lot more.


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