Friday, July 23, 2004

Agreement Reached in Repositioning of Korea Forces

The agreement was reached during the 10th round of the Future of the Alliance talks.

The most significant item I could find was:

U.S. and ROK representatives also finalized amendments to the Land Partnership Plan that allow for the eventual relocation of 2nd Infantry Division from its existing camps north of Seoul to enduring facilities in the Pyongtaek area, approximately 50 miles south of Seoul. A final decision on the timing of the 2nd Infantry Division relocation will be decided by the respective national leaders at a later date, taking careful account of the political, economic and security situation on the peninsula and in Northeast Asia.

2ID has its HQ at Camp Casey in Tongduchon, with elements spread out among many camps. Moving these forces indicates the South Korean forces will be taking on a considerable share, if not virtually all, of the northern defenses and securing the border with North Korea. This is a big change in US and S. Korean policy and signals the possibility of drastic force reductions in Korea even after 2008.


At 8:14 PM, Blogger mike said...

The reduction of U.S. Forces in South Korea will surely shake up the political stew that currently exists in the country. I think it's a good idea.



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