Saturday, July 24, 2004

John the Bandaid

He will annoint you with his tales of being thrice wounded in Vietnam (Did you know he was in Vietnam?) - washing you in the holy waters of the Potomac. He will show you his medals, which he apparently did NOT throw over a wall. He will regale you with his feats of daring-do! He is John the Bandaid! The swiftest Swiftboater ever to order a deck swabbed!

Don Bendell, a former SF soldier, reaches out to John Kerry the way SF soldiers generally do, when they have something on their minds.

Hat tip: A Collection of Thoughts


The latest from former SF Soldier Don Bendell:

A few months ago on TV, Senator John Kerry, you angrily asked a detractor “Are you questioning my patriotism?” He responded that he was not, but I sure am. Rather than deciding which power tie you should wear each day, I feel you should be in an orange jumpsuit in a federal penitentiary for treason. You betrayed all my fellow Vietnam veterans, our POW’s, our loyal Montagnard allies (at the cost of many of their lives), and you betrayed me. Your entire political career was launched when you spoke before Congress in 1971, using eloquent testimony written by Bobby Kennedy’s head speechwriter, but based on outright lies from 7 men from the Detroit Winter Soldier Rally, who all claimed to be Vietnam veterans that committed atrocities such as those you described. As you well know, only 2 of those men were even in the military, and they were never in combat, and the other 5 all claimed to be Navy SEALS in the Top Secret Phoenix Program, but they were never even in the military. It did not matter to you. In fact, Congress investigated and discovered that most of the so-called highly-decorated veterans at the Detroit Rally were also not even in the military. You did not care. You were on your way towards the Presidency then, with no regards to who got hurt along the way, including all of us Vietnam veterans. John Kerry, like a chameleon, you change your appearance to fit the environment you are in at the time. You do only what is politically-expedient for you, no matter who gets hurt. You always have. You always will.

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