Saturday, July 03, 2004

General Karpinski Claims Israeli Interrogators at Abu Ghraib

After being disgraced by her lack of leadership over prisoner security operations at Abu Ghraib prison, Brigadier General Janis Karpinski has spoken to the media several times about how the abuse which occurred in Abu Ghraib wasn't her fault. According to Karpinski, she is a victim; a scapegoat. She has blamed her subordinate commanders for not keeping her in the loop - something she was responsible for. She has blamed a lack of training and guidance - things she is responsible for. She has blamed Military Intelligence for allowing abuse to occur - in a facility she was responsible for.

Now, she blames the Israelis.

General Karpinski's apathetic style of "leadership" provided an excellent environment for the types of abuse we have witnessed at Abu Ghraib.

Regardless of what anecdotal evidence she wishes to put before the BBC this time or next, the fact remains: General Karpinski failed to lead and failed in her responsibility to ensure prisoners were safeguarded from abuse by jailed and jailers alike.

General Karpinski obviously does not know the maximum effective range of an excuse - it's about 0.2 meters.


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