Monday, July 26, 2004

Jim Rassman: Kerry Should Be CINC

Democrats rallied in Tucson, Arizona last Friday. They came to hear a speech by Jim Rassman about why John Kerry should be the Commander-in-Chief. Jim is one of the two Swiftboat Vets Kerry served with, who support his bid for President.

Let's sum up Jim's reasons: "John Kerry saved my life."

Here is a report from Benny White, Chairman of the Pima County Veteran's Coalition:

We initially had more supporters of the President than the Democrats could muster for Kerry.  They called in all of the party loyalists and they eventually outnumbered us.

They even called the police to complain about our parking in the parking lot, blocking the entrances, causing a disturbance, etc.  Of course we were obeying the law and the police (4 or 5 cars with 2 officers each) got a pretty good chuckle out of seeing a bunch of gray headed veterans standing out by the street supporting the President.

All of the Bush supporters were pleasantly surprised at the number of people driving down the street honking their horns, giving us a thumbs up, flashing their lights, in short showing their support of the President.  We were in the heart of the Democrat stronghold of Raul Grijalva and out troops stood tall.

The Kerry campaign brought in Jim Rassman to tell the Democrats that John Kerry should be Commander-in-Chief because he saved his life.  I am real glad Kerry pulled Jim out, that was a decent thing to do.  But that doesn't qualify him to be the Commander-in-chief.

One of our volunteers attended the question and answer part of the event. He asked if Jim Rassman could name one legislative measure that Sen. Kerry had sponsored in his 20 years in the Senate.  After a thoughtful pause, the considered answer came back, "No." (emphasis mine)

After the event a few of us went to lunch.  A couple of different police officers came in to eat.  When they saw our "Pima County is Bush Country" T-Shirts and Bush-Cheney '04 stickers they asked if we had any more stickers.  I happily provided some of our finest "Vets for Bush" bumper stickers.

You'll note Benny's mention of Raul Grijalva. He is one of the yahoos who petitioned the UN to monitor the November elections.


At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No time to register right now but I have to tell you and your fellow Vets For Bush in Tucson! Good job!

A Vet For Bush in El Paso!


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