Friday, July 09, 2004

No Time for Terror Briefing for Candidate Kerry
By Guest Blogger - Charles Wilhelm

Democratic candidate John Kerry insists he will do a better job fighting terrorism than President Bush, yet he has been so busy campaigning he has not had time for a national security briefing on the issue.

From the Drudge Report:

Kerry made the startling comments on CNN's LARRY KING LIVE Thursday night.

KING: News of the day, Tom Ridge warned today about al Qaeda plans of a large-scale attack on the United States. Didn't increase the -- you see any politics in this? What's your reaction?

KERRY: Well, I haven't been briefed yet, Larry. They have offered to brief me. I just haven't had time.

This is simply amazing. So I guess as President Mr. Kerry would have a little more time on his hands do he could make time for these sort of briefings? Or would he be too busy reaching out to France and Arab nations for help? An article on has more on this:

On the campaign trail, Sen. John Kerry insists that he would do a better job fighting the war on terror than President Bush. But the Massachusetts Democrat admitted Thursday night that he hasn't been able to find the time to accept the Bush administration's offer to give him an intelligence briefing.

"Well, I haven't been briefed yet," he told CNN's "Larry King Live." "They have offered to brief me; I just haven't had time."

Asked what he would do differently in the Iraq war upon taking office, Kerry said he'd seek the help of countries like France and Arab nations.

Hmm, didn't France already shoot that request down? Yeah, I thought so.

"I would immediately reach out with personal diplomacy to those countries on the sidelines today," he explained. "At the right moment I would certainly go to Europe and meet with allies and do the diplomacy necessary to find a way to bring people to the table here."

Go to Europe? Meet with allies? Wow! What a novel idea. Too bad President Bush didn't think of that. Oh wait, he did.


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