Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Edwards/Kerry Ticket

Before John Kerry emerged as the Democratic front runner, John Edwards was billed among my liberal acquaintances as the only Democrat with a chance to win the White House. Admittedly, they would vote for ANY Democrat running, but have been less enthusiastic about Kerry. There is a lot of (cautious) backslapping going on among the Democrats today.

John Kerry could have chosen to share the ticket with someone who was a safer bet as a statesmen, someone experienced, or someone who could help hit the battleground states a bit harder, but went for the young "power to the people" candidate instead. Why?

The Kerry camp has been engaged in snooze alarm campaigning almost from the outset. The Democratic presidential agenda has fallen apart as the economy improves, jobs come back in unprecedented numbers, and our apparent imperialist goals in Iraq prove to be false. The Democrats have been grasping at straws for something to run on and in John Edwards they got an ideology "straw boss". John Edwards gives the Kerry campaign the JFK factor - a young, ideological, charismatic family man. Something Kerry could not do on his own, despite the snowboard, the "family's SUV", botox and initials. The campaign agenda will not change - nothing has been added to the campaign itself, except this new paint job.

Keep in mind Democrats vote with their conscience, liberals vote only with their heart, and leftists vote with their lack of either. With the Edwards/Kerry ticket, some Democrats will say they can now, in good conscience, vote Democrat; the liberals finally have something they can feel good about voting for, and the leftists are voting for our destruction anyway.

The Kerry campaign was putting voters to sleep, the race is on now that it's an Edwards/Kerry campaign.


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