Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Mexican Soldiers Interrupt Marine's Funeral

Via BlackFive

How could such a "great friend to the US" allow this kind of travesty to occur.

Four U.S. Marines marched solemnly to the grave carrying an American flag and the colors of the Marine Corps. Two of the men had rifles that looked real, but could not be fired, strapped to their backs.

Four Mexican soldiers blocked their path, asking the four Marines and six others who had served as pallbearers to return to the car that had brought them to the funeral. Several minutes of discussions by soldiers from both countries continued until a trumpet player began a rendition of taps and the funeral proceeded, despite the objections of the Mexican troops...

I hope to hear an apology from President Fox on this outrageous event.


At 4:04 PM, Blogger DeWaun said...

Such events as this, along with the booing of our national anthem at our Soccer games and rampant border-jumping proclaims, rather loudly, that our "friend" isn't interested in anything more than our tourism dollars.


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