Friday, June 25, 2004

Iraq Survey Chief Says More WMD Found
By Guest Blogger - Charles Wilhelm


The head of the U.S. team conducting the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq announced on Thursday that his group has uncovered at least ten more artillery shells filled with banned chemical weapons and is finding new WMD evidence "almost every day."

"We've found ten or twelve Sarin and Mustard rounds," said Charles Duelfer, who replaced David Kay as head of the Iraq survey group earlier this year after Kay concluded that WMDs were unlikely to be found.

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So Bush lied about Iraq having WMD's, did he? First our troops found one Sarin round. Then a Mustard gas round. Now we are up to a dozen of these things, and more are expected to be found. According to Fox News, the Sarin Round found in May contained three to four liters of Sarin. Assuming the rounds recently found are the same size, we could be looking at as much as 48 liters of Sarin & Mustard gas found to date. Since just a teaspoon of Sarin, when properly delivered, can kill thousands of people, 48 liters starts to sound an awful lot like a Weapon of Mass Destruction. How many more of these need to be found before the left admits Bush was right?


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