Sunday, July 11, 2004

John Kerry, Get Out the Vote!

John Kerry's voting record is a useful tool for anyone who is unsure of what Kerry's "thinks" are (given the abortion issue conundrum, he apparently doesn't vote his beliefs) and whether you agree with them - unless you are looking at the past year.

John Kerry, a guy who has his own jet, has missed 89% of congressional votes this year. How is that for serving your constituency?

Now, what would your boss do, if you decided you didn't want to do your current job because you were out looking for another one? A man connected with the common worker, Indeed. He apparently doesn't know we can't do that. Gotta live your own politics, Folks!

He did zoom into town for a "guilt vote" on veterans benefits. Guilt is the only way he could possibly be voting in favor of Veteran issues after the way he's treated Veterans in the past.

Before returning to the campaign trail, Mr. Kerry declared: "What I'm telling our veterans is that when you come home, your country will take care of you because you took care of us."

How can John Kerry say this with a straight face? Mr. Kerry started his political career by accusing US soldiers of committing atrocities in Vietnam. He advanced himself on the backs of the very Veterans he says he cares so much about. His actions gave Vietnamese interrogators useful tools against American POWs.

Or has he had a change of heart concerning members of our Armed Forces? Apparently not. Recently, he voted against an $87B package to support operations (you know, beans and bullets) that were already underway in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I've said it before - Ronald Reagan was an actor, who became a statesman. John Kerry, after 20 years in the Senate, is still an actor.

God Bless America.


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