Monday, July 12, 2004

Kerry to Follow Bush's Lead on $75M Fund

The Kerry campaign is adamant. They will take the $75 million public money fund for their general campaign.

"We are taking the federal money," Kerry finance chair Louis Susman said yesterday. Kerry campaign spokesman Michael Meehan was more adamant: "We are not opting out. We are taking public funds. No, N-O, no, we are not opting out."

Kerry officials voiced one caveat: They would reopen the debate over rejecting federal money if they learned that President Bush planned to use privately raised money to finance his general election campaign.

The one thing I love about the Kerry campaign is their consistency. When they say No, by gosh, they mean Maybe!

On the other hand, "Monkey see, Monkey Do" has been the MO for the Kerry camp for the past several months. Not an original idea in the whole campaign.

God Bless America.


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